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product arrow Diesel Smoke Meter NHT-6

Price Rp 40.000.000
Rp 35.000.000

Kode : -
Nama : Diesel Smoke Meter NHT-6
Tipe : -
Status : Siap
Berat Kirim : 20 kg

Main Features and Specifications
Split  structure,  separated  measuring  unit  and  control unit for easy operation. Large  LCD  screen,  Chinese  or  English  interactive
menu,  with  opacity  reading  and  light  absorption coefficient  reading,  simple,  direct  and  convenient operation. With  functions  of  free  acceleration  test  and measurement  of  transients,  automatic  process  of  test data and display of measuring results 15 minutes warm-up time, automatic zero reset.With  adoption  of  advanced  partial  flow  technology, measuring  unit  tests  smoke  emissions  of  diesel-powered  vehicles  directly.  "Scavenge  air  curtain" technology  prevents  the  optical  system  from  being polluted.  With constant  temperature  control  in  the sample cell, it can avoid condensation and influence of accuracy due to change of temperature.
Equipped with oil temperature measurement probe.Equipped  with  RS-232C  digital  serial  interface  for communication with external computer. The performance meets the requirements of ISO11614 and GB3847-2005.

Options and Accessories:
Micro printer.
Various RPM measurement sensors or adaptors.
DC12V vehicle power inverter

Catatan : 
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